Industrial & Engineering Trade Fair

A Giant Re-awakens

The TATA GROUP had just revamped their brand, which we were also associated with and wished to reveal their new identity as a single, consolidated TATA brand mark giving structure and defining relationships between their diverse companies.

The Industrial & Engineering Trade Fair proved to be a perfect platform for the launch and the unification of the new identity. We metaphorically showcased the unifying brand structure as a massive membrane, an umbrella brand, from which suspended the brand new Tata mark at the center, visually embracing all TATA companies below it. A mammoth task, this exhibition included design and execution of 300 graphics across all companies, artefacts, product displays and systems to exhibit the group in its entirety. The event informed, entertained and enthralled the viewers, etching the new identity in the minds of the visitors. This project was designed by our leadership team through the design company RJB-Design.

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