Project Description

Client Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas
Project Strategic Brand Identity

Design Thinking the Future


Mr. Cyril Shroff, the managing partner of the firm cyril amarchand mangaldas, is a visionary who foresaw the need for constant innovation in a marketplace seeped in tradition and the comfortable old way of doing things. His firm had already staked claim to pioneering changes in the law industry with a department dedicated to innovation and legal-tech. After 5 years of having rebranded the firm, we were called to work with the firm to streamline their strategy and develop a comprehensive brand system focussed on ‘digital first’.


Our strategy and brand programme for cam was built on the deep commitment from the managing partners of the firm who foresaw that the success of this program rested on their involvement, clearly leading the change from upfront. Their legacy was their biggest strength, and we used that as the starting point of our discovery of what defines this firm and makes them unique and differentiated.


Through a series of intense but lively discussions and workshops, we orchestrated the articulation of the firm’s identity. Our discovery sessions uncovered the Big Idea, which defined the firm strategy as always being Ahead of the Curve. In recognition of a firm whose identity is not based on uniformity but on inclusiveness, equality and egalitarian beliefs, we created a brand system that is flexible, dynamic and defined by plurality.


We delivered visual assets representative of the firm being an outlier in their industry along with dynamic motifs and a customised font. We created a brand architecture with a new set of vivid colours that spoke to their inherent Indianness. Our scope included implementation across digital collateral, intranet, mobile app design, induction films and their new website. We also worked collaboratively with the organisation to create a strategy for campus engagement for new talent, employee induction and firm-wide brand enculturation.

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