We nurture excellence and deliver
the best by elimination of mundane

At EuMo, we approach our work with one single
purpose. To pack ordinariness, conformity and dullness
into a forgotten box. And bury it 6 feet under!

EuMo works on niche design projects that would benefit
from the experience of a multi-disciplinary design team.
EuMo is co-owned by Shanoo Bhatia & Harkaran Singh
, having invested effort and time together in
raising the bar and demanding and delivering
consistently superior design solutions.


Uniform but slower city upgradation versus isolated islands of rapid development?

Which works better? Mumbai continues to grow at a fanatic pace with social and infrastructure problems of absurd proportions. Over the last decade, there have been isolated islands of development which spring up simultaneous to the continued decay in this maximum city. I find the contrast startling and disconcerting. The international airport is a stellar example of glory and aplomb welcoming millions to the economic capital of our country. Drive out into a vicinity that’s incredulously poorly planned and filthy, where the wafts of the poorly planned systems accost the visitor into a more honest awakening to their visit…

…to be continued